Is there anything you wish young girls or women would know?

The one thing I can say, cuz I am no expert, is to not let yourself be objectified as just a pretty young thing. Inanimate objects can be objectified, not people. Pop culture does an awful job of…


The Weepies  

This is a beautiful song.  it is about our time being finite, defining your life priorities and staying focused on them.  And I call BS on anyone who says they have no regrets.  Having regrets about your past is about growing as a person. so be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and be better at your life.

I have always loved this song. Hopefully erikkarlsson65 helped some other people realize how great it is. 

The whole world is moving, and I’m standing still.

eternal love……………

eternal love……………

Predictable doesn’t always mean boring.  

Lust doesn’t always mean love.  

Near doesn’t always mean close.  

New doesn’t always mean exciting.  

Different doesn’t always mean better.  

Far doesn’t always mean distant.  

Knowing everything doesn’t make you wise.  

Knowing the truth doesn’t make you superior.  

Knowing your problem doesn’t solve it.  

Sitting between your past and your future doesn’t mean you’re in the present.